Community events


Albany Creek Memorial Park works closely with our local community. As our park has been here since 1964, we are well known to many Albany Creek and Northside locals.

Our Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas Remembrance Services are popular events that have become landmark days for people to gather and pay respects as a community.

Albany Creek holds 3 key events each year; Mother’s Day Service, Father’s Day Service and our Annual Remembrance Service at Christmas. These services are held to offer families a place to come to reflect and to remember and honour the memory of those we have lost.

The way in which we hold our events and remember key times of the year has changed to meet the requirements of our changing community.

Upcoming events at Albany Creek Memorial Park will be posted below.

  • Mother's Day - As we will not be holding a Mother’s Day remembrance service, we will be providing pink vases for you to leave a bouquet of flowers by your Mothers Memorial.
  • Father's Day Memorial Service - 10am Sunday, 5th September