Memorial options

We understand the importance of remembering loved ones in a meaningful way. That's why we offer personalized burial and cremation memorial options, enabling families to be at rest together in our beautifully landscaped gardens. These serene settings provide a sense of peace and solace. 

Burial memorial options

A memorial plays an important part in the burial process. It creates a permanent record of the burial site, which becomes a place where memories can be revisited, emotions explored, as well as a place where future generations can come to visit.

Cremation memorial options

Scattering the ashes of a loved one has become very popular in Australia. However, choosing the right location is important as a lasting memory in the future.

Personal and cultural memorials

We respect and cater for all faiths, all denominations, and all traditions. We are as diverse as modern Australia, with options that are appropriate for everyone. We offer a range of specialised memorial options.

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