Memorials provide a place to remember – an everlasting record that is personal and individual, and a permanent marker of a life that is dear to us. They are places for reflection, where people and future generations can keep alive the memory of a loved one.

We respect and cater for all faiths, all denominations, and all traditions. We are as diverse as modern Australia, with options that are appropriate for everyone. We offer a range of specialised memorial options:

  • Bingara Creek
  • The Garden of Trinity
  • The Crypts of the Sacred Heart
  • RSL Service Wall

We strive to create a solemn place where people can feel comfortable to come and spend time – to talk with family and friends about their loved ones, be with them on special days, and pass on fond stories about them to the next generation.

Bingara Creek

An award-winning memorial.

Albany Creek Memorial Park was recognised with the award for “most innovative development” in the 2012 InvoCare Park and Garden Awards.

Bingara is a beautiful, solemn and tranquil memorial area built from natural bush rock and surrounded by beautifully landscaped gardens.

The waterway was named Bingara, the Aboriginal name for creek, to acknowledge the area’s Indigenous heritage. The waterway has been designed to run along a serpent-shaped creek-bed in tribute to the Rainbow Serpent dreamtime story.

The Bingara name is appropriate because Aboriginal people are very spiritual. They consider creeks to be sacred ground and a place for families and communities to gather for quiet reflection.

Bingara Creek at Albany Creek Memorial Park

View of the Bingara Creek area.

The Garden of Trinity

The Garden of Trinity features 15 Stations of the Cross, which together tell the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Each station – a four metre-high timber cross – is centrally placed within the landscape garden to form individual family burial memorials. This area is architecturally designed in the shape of the Scutum Fide – the Shield of the Trinity. With some cemeteries around Brisbane running out of space, it gives Albany Creek Memorial Park great pleasure to be able to provide the Catholic community with a dedicated area for burial and cremation memorialisations.

The shield design of this garden is formed by three connective pathways, with life-size statues of the Arch Angels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel. The cemetery offers traditional red granite lawn beam burial sites, which are located inside the shield.

The Stations of the Cross Gardens are also finished in red granite. Each station garden includes two burial sites and a private landscaped garden.

The cemetery also features a boulevard of magnolia trees alongside the landscaped creek and viewing bridge. The Catholic family cremation memorials, which offer an alternative to traditional burial sites, are nestled along the creek and pathways.

The Garden of Trinity offers a modern and unique cemetery that is still in keeping with Catholic traditions and provides families with burial and cremation memorial options.

Auxiliary Bishop of Brisbane, Brian Finnigan officially blessed and opened Albany Creek Memorial Park’s Garden of Trinity Catholic Cemetery at a special ceremony attended by members of the local community.

Stations of the Cross in the Garden of Trinity at Albany Creek Memorial Park

Stations of the Cross in the Garden of Trinity.

The Crypts of the Sacred Heart

A unique alternative.

The Crypts of The Sacred Heart have been designed and built to complement the everlasting bronze memorial plaques and adornments in our cemetery, creating an elegant and timeless tribute.

The design is so unique that we are proud to say they are the only crypt facilities of this type and quality in Brisbane, incorporating both open air and indoor mausoleum crypts.

The complex features single, double and family entombment and individual family vaults or chapels.

The indoor mausoleum crypts feature high quality marble panels, glass roofing and granite flooring. Each crypt is personalised with a bronze memorial plaque, bronze vases, eternal light and a framed photo.

The crypt complex sits in an elevated position overlooking the Catholic Cemetery, the Garden of Trinity and the Stations of the Cross Gardens.

Inside Crypts of the Sacred Heart at Albany Creek Memorial Park

Inside the Crypts of the Sacred Heart.

Entrance to the Crypts of the Sacred Heart at Albany Creek Memorial Park

Entrance to the Crypts of the Sacred Heart.

Service Wall

To honour those who have served their country, Albany Creek Memorial Park maintains dedicated War Graves Walls and Cremation Gardens for former service men and women.

This area is a place to relax and unwind – a special location where you will feel comfortable spending time, or talking with family and friends about a loved one.

The War Graves Walls and Cremation Gardens area at Albany Creek Memorial Park

The War Graves Walls and Cremation Gardens area.